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punk goes acoustic // a playlist by panicfever

some of the top hits from the biggest pop punk artists out there, acoustic version.


01. sugar we’re goin down // fall out boy 02. this is gospel // panic! at the disco 03. misery business // paramore 04. the middle // jimmy eat world 05. kids from yesterday // my chemical romance 06. move along // all american rejects 07. time of your life // green day 08. feeling this // blink 182 09. dear maria, count me in // all time low 10. i write sins not tragedies // panic! at the disco 11. be my escape // relient k 12. 1985 // bowling for soup 13. my songs know what you did in the dark // fall out boy 14. decode // paramore 15. about a girl // the academy is… 16. sing // my chemical romance 17. backseat serenade // all time low 18. the anthem // good charlotte


Probably the worst types of people are the ones that shut you down to make themselves look cooler than you, for example if you get excited and squeal and they’re like “woah what was that..” or if you talk loudly because you’re passionate about something and they say “relax dude wow” and then give a look… Like fuck off stop trying to act so cool and collected. You don’t seem more mature you just seem fucking boring and monotonously placid.

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